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Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions of sale, delivery, and payment

Vendor and contracting partner

Your contracting partner for all orders made through our website is

PFA Anastasia Blizniuc
EUID: ROONRC.F40/6393/2023
Commercial Register Number: F40/6393/04.09.2023

Concluding a purchase contract

The process of concluding contracts for product purchases is outlined as follows: To initiate the ordering procedure, you must first add the desired item to your shopping basket by clicking the appropriate button. Before finally submitting the order for the items in the shopping basket, a comprehensive display of the entire order is presented. You have the option to make any necessary modifications to your order at this stage.

For payment methods that necessitate immediate payment from your end (PayPal, Stripe, Revolut etc.), the placement of products on serves as an offer from us. To finalize a purchase contract, you may accept this offer by clicking the “Confirm order” button on the shopping basket screen.

Moreover, we retain the right to terminate the contract if the products are unavailable from a reliable and carefully chosen supplier, due to reasons beyond our culpability (reservation of self-delivery). Should such circumstances arise, we are committed to promptly informing you of the unavailability and providing a reimbursement for any payment made.

The confirmation email does not yet mean that we have accepted your offer. The purchase contract is concluded only when shipment of the goods is confirmed.

Shipping and delivery

Shipping of goods: Our commitment is to deliver your order to you within 3-5 working days, provided the items are in stock. In the event that we are unable to meet this deadline, we will promptly get in touch with you within 2 days of receiving your order to arrange an alternative delivery date. However, if this arrangement does not suit your needs, we will give you the option to either cancel the order or receive a refund.

International shipping costs:

Netherlands 10,90 Euro

Switzerland 100 Euro

Estonia 23 Euro

Belgium 14,90 Euro

Slovakia 19,90 Euro

Romania 24,90 Euro

Slovenia 19,90 Euro

Bulgaria 25,90 Euro

Denmark 25,90 Euro

Hungary 21,90 Euro

Poland 14,90 Euro

France 10,90 Euro

Finland 29,90 Euro

Spain 24,90 Euro

Italy 18,90 Euro

Czech Republic 19,90 Euro

Norway 29,90 Euro

Sweden 25,90 Euro

Austria 14,90 Euro

Portugal 35,90 Euro

Greece 49,90 Euro

Handling Damaged Goods from Parcel Services

Our shipments are facilitated through parcel services, among other methods. In the event that you receive a shipment of damaged goods, kindly follow these guidelines:

Whenever possible, promptly inform the parcel service personnel about the damaged items. Take the time to record the extent and nature of the damage, which will have no impact on your entitlement to guarantee rights.

Alternatively, you have the right to decline acceptance of goods that are clearly damaged. If the goods you receive display damage, please make contact with us via telephone, email, or visit us at the addresses provided. By doing so, you contribute to our efforts to address the matter with the parcel service, while also assisting us in enhancing our service to you.

Please let me know if this meets your requirements or if you would like any further adjustments.

Payment methods

We offer you various methods for paying for the goods purchased. You can find the specific payment methods on the relevant product page.

All our prices are ex-warehouse and include packaging but exclude all shipping.


Unless otherwise stipulated below, your rights in cases of material defects and defects of title are covered by the provisions of the law.

Warranty rights for new items expire for consumers within 1 years.